Saturday, January 24, 2009

Sports Things--Need help coordinating teams!

We just got a notice in the mail about opportunities for kids to play soccer through Rec and Ed. The teams are assigned based on their public school attendance areas, or private school teams can be formed if the grade/registration requirements are met and 9 players are on a team. I don't think we will be able to fill a whole team from any of the grades (single gender teams from a single grade), but there may be alternative options such as forming a combo team with another school.

Priority registration runs until Feb 5th. If there is anyone who is interested in taking on investigating this as an option, I am sure that would be welcome from many parents. Any takers?

If you are interested in learning more, you can also visit for more info.

On a side note, David (my son-K) and Toussaint (1) are both playing basketball at the Y. They are on different teams, but have really been excited to be doing this "together". I know for David, having a buddy who is also into basketball has made him super-excited about participating, which is something he wasn't particularly into even last year. I hope we can create opportunities for our kids to play team sports with each other and make this an exciting and enjoyable part of their time at S-K.

Please email me at fran.loosen (at) if you are willing to help research options for these kinds of student sports opportunities.


  1. We just discussed signing up Stanley for soccor at Rec and Ed 30 minutes before I saw this post. Stanley liked very much hearing that there may be some other kids from S-K. Please count him in! Sorry I cannot volunteer for this investigation due to work load these days, but I would really appreciate it if another parent could help with S-K soccor team coordination. Thanks so much!

  2. I think Sunny must mean her S-K work load ;). Sunny's working on the auction, serving on the board and has just joined the branding committee, amongst other things. More to come on fun things to do to get involved. Ask Sunny, it really is fun... :)

  3. Thank you so much for doing this blog. It really helps. I want to get Emma into soccer. She loves sports but right now for us it's a time thing. I hope to get it going for spring though I suppose that means now is sign up time. I will try and find time this next week or so to get her signed up if possible.

    The reminders on your blog really help me to not drop the ball.

  4. From Heidi:
    Online soccer registration ends Feb 4. After that you can still register but it is more of a hassle and I think more $$ too. Also there are some wonderful workshops at 826 Michigan that have availability. I have signed Freya up for all the ones where she made the age cut off. It looked like there was a really cool one for the oldest kids at S-K about becoming a film critic.