Saturday, January 10, 2009

MLK Day Children and Youth Program at UM

The wonderful and connected Melissa Bruzzano pointed out that UM has a very cool (did I mention free? 8:30-3:00?) MLK Day program for children aged K-12. Pre-registration is recommended. If your child is K-12, s/he can attend on her/his own. Children under 4 have to be accompanied by a parent.

If you are thinking of going, please leave a note in the comments and I can contact UM to see if we can get a spot together or you can buddy up with another person in the comments. Here's a note from the event coordinators on groups participating:

If your child is planning to come with, or meet up with, a friend we can place them in the same classroom, as long as the request is indicated clearly on the registration form. Buddies are limited to two per registered name. Large groups of names will be split randomly to even out the same age-group size. We try to keep group sizes under 15. Assigned rooms will NOT be switched the day of the event.

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  1. Kjirsten Blander just wrote to say...

    And don't forget the Hip Hop Explosion talent competition "with performances that reflect the value and spirit of Dr. King" and the Nothin Said "celebration of spirit and gospel" at Eastern on Saturday and Sunday.