Saturday, January 24, 2009

Sports Things--Need help coordinating teams!

We just got a notice in the mail about opportunities for kids to play soccer through Rec and Ed. The teams are assigned based on their public school attendance areas, or private school teams can be formed if the grade/registration requirements are met and 9 players are on a team. I don't think we will be able to fill a whole team from any of the grades (single gender teams from a single grade), but there may be alternative options such as forming a combo team with another school.

Priority registration runs until Feb 5th. If there is anyone who is interested in taking on investigating this as an option, I am sure that would be welcome from many parents. Any takers?

If you are interested in learning more, you can also visit for more info.

On a side note, David (my son-K) and Toussaint (1) are both playing basketball at the Y. They are on different teams, but have really been excited to be doing this "together". I know for David, having a buddy who is also into basketball has made him super-excited about participating, which is something he wasn't particularly into even last year. I hope we can create opportunities for our kids to play team sports with each other and make this an exciting and enjoyable part of their time at S-K.

Please email me at fran.loosen (at) if you are willing to help research options for these kinds of student sports opportunities.

Monday, January 12, 2009

100% in More Ways Than One

Joanna just wrote a lovely post thanking parents and all contributors for their support of S-K through the annual campaign, but I wanted to take a minute to make a special mention of the staff and their commitment to our children.

Our teachers and staff give 100% of their effort to our kids. You can see it in the way they manage and redirect children in the classroom, the high fives kids get when the group does something spectacular, the smile that comes across their faces when the lightbulb goes on. I can't begin to imagine how hard the work of challenging the minds and diverse personalities of our fantastic kids must be. Days must be tiring and sometimes challenges must outweigh the gains. But each in her or his own way keeps things moving forward, building a wonderful learning experience for a group of creative and excited children who will carry this love of learning and their memories of this special place far in life. It's beyond a job, and that's the 100% effort that is so evident.

So I was incredibly touched and overwhelmed this year when 100% of the staff and teachers gave of their own personal funds to support the school. To me, this message said "We believe in your children, we believe in this school and what it offers to kids, we believe that this is not only worth the investment of our time and emotion, but of our money as well." Wow. It's pretty amazing to realize that people are willing to support your children in such a meaningful way.

So thank you, staff and teachers, for all you do and for all the value you bring to the lives of our children. And thank you for giving 100% across the board. Your commitment helps to make this school ever more strong and vibrant. There is nothing we can't achieve if we work together and we are so happy to take this journey with you.

A few cool things coming up

Just to let everyone know of a few cool things coming up.

January 15 tickets go on sale for Maya Angelou, who will be giving a talk in Detroit on March 18 at 7:30. She is fantastic. If you decide to go, let me know and perhaps we can buy tickets together.

January 19, U of M is having its annual MLK celebration. It is suppose to be fantastic and it is free. They have MLK centered children's activities all day long from 8:30 to 3:00 (you can drop your child off and food is provided and it is free). Nicholas will be there as will David Giardino. The site to pre-register your child is

January 22, local "Lost Boy" from Sudan will be speaking after a showing of the 2004 PBS documentary on the Civil War in Sudan - this is an amazing story and the speaker, Jacob Atem, should be a great speaker.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

MLK Day Children and Youth Program at UM

The wonderful and connected Melissa Bruzzano pointed out that UM has a very cool (did I mention free? 8:30-3:00?) MLK Day program for children aged K-12. Pre-registration is recommended. If your child is K-12, s/he can attend on her/his own. Children under 4 have to be accompanied by a parent.

If you are thinking of going, please leave a note in the comments and I can contact UM to see if we can get a spot together or you can buddy up with another person in the comments. Here's a note from the event coordinators on groups participating:

If your child is planning to come with, or meet up with, a friend we can place them in the same classroom, as long as the request is indicated clearly on the registration form. Buddies are limited to two per registered name. Large groups of names will be split randomly to even out the same age-group size. We try to keep group sizes under 15. Assigned rooms will NOT be switched the day of the event.