Monday, January 12, 2009

100% in More Ways Than One

Joanna just wrote a lovely post thanking parents and all contributors for their support of S-K through the annual campaign, but I wanted to take a minute to make a special mention of the staff and their commitment to our children.

Our teachers and staff give 100% of their effort to our kids. You can see it in the way they manage and redirect children in the classroom, the high fives kids get when the group does something spectacular, the smile that comes across their faces when the lightbulb goes on. I can't begin to imagine how hard the work of challenging the minds and diverse personalities of our fantastic kids must be. Days must be tiring and sometimes challenges must outweigh the gains. But each in her or his own way keeps things moving forward, building a wonderful learning experience for a group of creative and excited children who will carry this love of learning and their memories of this special place far in life. It's beyond a job, and that's the 100% effort that is so evident.

So I was incredibly touched and overwhelmed this year when 100% of the staff and teachers gave of their own personal funds to support the school. To me, this message said "We believe in your children, we believe in this school and what it offers to kids, we believe that this is not only worth the investment of our time and emotion, but of our money as well." Wow. It's pretty amazing to realize that people are willing to support your children in such a meaningful way.

So thank you, staff and teachers, for all you do and for all the value you bring to the lives of our children. And thank you for giving 100% across the board. Your commitment helps to make this school ever more strong and vibrant. There is nothing we can't achieve if we work together and we are so happy to take this journey with you.


  1. Wow. I'm touched - what a wonderful post. The teachers DO love our little school...more than can be expressed. If I could give more, I certainly would. Right now, I'm just thrilled to be part of this community and to be given the opportunity to teach these amazing kids!

  2. C'est vraiment tres gentille de votre part d'avoir ecrit comme ca.
    merci bien