Wednesday, September 15, 2010

If your kiddo comes home asking about Jimi Hendrix...

there's good reason.

Along with the great creators and innovators that the children are studying as part of the Renaissance theme, Hendrix's genius was of topic at this morning's school gathering.

Jimi Hendrix? How in the world would Jimi Hendrix make it into an all-school meeting? Elaine's brilliance of capturing the moment, that's how.

This morning Elaine led the school gathering and mentioned that since there were no student birthdays to recognize, she thought she'd talk a little bit about someone's birthday that she'd heard about on the radio this morning.

She told the students a little bit about Jimi Hendrix, who is considered by many to be one of the greatest guitar players of all time.

She mentioned that Jimi had mastered the guitar at a young age and, with that mastery, was able to free his mind to create some of the most amazing guitar music. She said he created music with the guitar that people couldn't ever imagine could happen.

And then she looked across the room at all of these beautiful faces and told them that she thought of our Summers-Knoll students when she was thinking of how Hendrix worked hard to master something and then made something so beautiful and amazing out of his passion. That they were working hard every day to learn and master math and writing and science and art and that she believed that they too would do and create things that would be just as amazing as Jimi Hendrix's work.

[This would be the part where I got totally teary.]

And these beautiful kids looked right back at her with the confidence that they too could be the next Hendrix or maybe the next Leonardo or Galileo. That their potential was limitless and that their gifts and talents could be used in the venue that best suited their lives. As Leonardo used the pencil so Hendrix used the guitar.  That's what was so amazing (and what set off the misty eyes). Elaine's gift for taking something in the moment and weaving this great story of mastery and passion into what she thought our children could accomplish themselves. Plus the look on the faces of the kids who live daily with the knowledge that their guides on this journey of learning believe in them and in their abilities in such a profoundly cool way.

So I leave you with Little Wing and hope that this post finds you fulfilling some powerful part of yourself, something you've mastered and feel passionate about, something that you can share with the world that expands the mind and fulfills the heart.

(The school gathering: Which I love, by the way. What a cool way to start the day as a community, centered on learning and seeing everyone's smiling faces!)

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