Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Creativity Crisis

I just received this great email from Miina (mom to Emi and Ella) and thought I'd pass it along. Great article. Thanks, Miina!


Hi Fran,
I thought maybe this article about creativity would be of interest for
SK parents to read...? If you think so too, please add the link to the
parents blog.

The Creativity Crisis
For the first time, research shows that American creativity is
declining. What went wrong—and how we can fix it

I think especailly this paragraph fits very well to S-K's way of
teaching (or how it should be done):

"Researchers say creativity should be taken out of the art room and put
into homeroom. The argument that we can’t teach creativity because
kids already have too much to learn is a false trade-off. Creativity
isn’t about freedom from concrete facts. Rather, fact-finding and deep
research are vital stages in the creative process. Scholars argue that
current curriculum standards can still be met, if taught in a different


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