Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Lunar mission on Friday, Oct. 9th!

Vanna Diptiman, mother of Veda in Mrs. Adhikary's class, wrote with this interesting piece of science to share:

"Thought that there might be a few other kids (and/or parents) at SK, who might be interested in the proposed double impacts of spacecraft on the Moon on Friday, October 9 on a lunar-water-finding mission! Sadly there is no local observatory in MI where the public can see the show. Regardless, more info is available at http://science.nasa.gov/headlines/y2009/05oct_lcrossvg.htm?list69285
including a chance to download a specatular slideshow."

Thank you, Vanna, for passing this on and please, other parents, share if you have something to post to the parent blog.  Together we will have even more fun and enriching things to share with our children.


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  1. This coming weekend UM is doing some behind the scenes tours.


    Not sure they are okay for our younger kids but thought it was interesting enough to share.