Friday, October 9, 2009

Cool event tomorrow at UM: ID Day for Natural History

Here's something groovy tomorrow (Saturday, Oct 10) that your budding scientist might be into:

"Bring in your treasures and discover ours! Experts join us from the fields of paleontology, anthropology, archaeology, botany, zoology, and geology. Please bring your: shells; rocks and minerals; invertebrate fossils;Arrow heads; Shards of pottery; Vertebrate bones; Insects; Skulls; Seeds, leaves, twigs; Fish. Sorry, no appraisals."


  1. Here's another thing that some of our students might really love (thank you to Vanna Diptiman, Veda's mother):

  2. Whoops! I just saw you already posted the NASA thing, Fran. Sorry! You are way ahead of me.