Monday, February 16, 2009

Don't Miss Brick Bash

This came off of a local online parents group, Arborparents (a very cool group, if you are interested):

Brick Bash is Saturday, March 21, 11am-5pm, and it's still free! The
location is the Courthouse Square Apartments at 100 South Fourth, as Huron.
This is the same building Performance Network and was once the Ann Arbor

Brick Bash ( is a public LEGO building exhibition produced
annually by Bricks for Brains ( There will be LEGO
models built by both adults and kids, trains, free robotic lessons, and
piles of LEGO, Duplo and Bionicle to play with.

Volunteers are needed, and I believe high schoolers can meet their community
service requirements because Bricks for Brains is a 501c3 nonprofit

[P.S. The coordinator, Duane, also said that if people want to display their LEGO creations at the event they can contact him at duane (at) Since it's a month away, perhaps there is a group from S-K that would want to create something to submit?]

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  1. Brick Bash? I have not heard of this before, thank you. We will try to make it.